Mattucci's Vizslas

Thank-you for your interest in Mattucci's Vizslas!

A Vizsla is a wonderful choice for a canine companion and one that many
of our new owners find are impossible to live without
. The Velcro "V's" are
very l
oyal, friendly, and highly intelligent dogs. The Vizsla breed is a
member of the A.K.C. Sporting Group and considered to be a
high energy,
easily trained companion. It should be noted that this breed DOES
require attention
, regular daily exercise, and consistency with training in
order to become a wonderful family member and constant companion!!
Our mission is to breed only dogs that are able to combine
sound health
with outstanding temperaments, and  most importantly, illustrate the A.K.C.
breed standard.

We always recommend that prospective new owners spend some time at
a wonderful website called the
Ingle and Mead's Vizsla Encyclopedia . It is
a great source of info about this breed. We also find that the Animal
Planet's Dogs 101 link can be very beneficial as well. Please watch the
video on Vizslas.

We do actively show our dogs and one of our girls, "Raisen" was shown at
Westminster in 2006 following the completion of her AKC Championship.
Our boy "Red" is an American and Canadian Champion.

We are especially proud of our pups many owners who have also entered
and finished our pups in conformation, obedience, agility,and rally
, as well
, NAVHDA and Field/Hunt venues.

foundation dogs are a priority for us and all of our dogs either
have their OFA clearances for hips (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or
Penn Hip evaluations indicating that they are free of hip dysplasia.

It should be noted that we do NOT place our pups with their new "forever
homes" before
7 to 8 weeks after birth. The cost to purchase one of our
exceptional Vizsla "babies" is $1,200.00  for either a male or female puppy
on spay/neuter contract.
We do require a non-refundable deposit of
$200.00 down to
HOLD a puppy.  
Show prospect puppies are occasionally available
with each situation
ing reviewed individually and contractual obligations outlined in writing.
With your purchase of one of our "babies" you will receive a beautiful,
healthy, vet-checked & in
noculated Vizsla baby with complete health
and  a written sales contract. We also have a LIFETIME return
policy stating should it be necessary that you can no longer keep or care
for your Vizsla you
MUST return the dog to us, the breeders, or we will
assist you in placing the puppy/dog in an approved home which we have
screened. (Again, this return policy remains for the life of the dog!!)

It is our intention, as responsible breeders, to place each of our puppies
into a loving, caring lifetime home where they will live a full and contented
life as 4-legged members of the family. Most importantly, we offer lifetime
assist with your Q's or concerns about your Vizsla.

Kathy is a member of the Vizsla Club of America, the Bushy Run Kennel
Club and the newly formed Keystone Vizsla Club. We have owned Vizslas
for over 15 yrs.  Our "babies" ALL live in our home and are 4 legged
members of our family!

Thanks again for your interest in our exceptional "V's"
Best Regards,
Kathy and Albert Mattucci  

Mattucci Vizslas